Run your cutting edge image analysis algorithms on your dicoms. Right out of indypacs ... on all of them (while you are out for a coffee)
Selected files can be passed to MATLAB algorithms Our current modules are aimed at the determination of the joint space width (JSW).  A statistics module keeps track of general information, and a CSV file containing the data can be generated for more advanced statistical analysis in SPSS or similar software. indypacs runs on any operating system. No installation is necessary, so it saves the user time and is easy to work with even for less experienced users.
Design and share your own modules
The download version contains a simple prototype tool, but other tools can be easily added as indypacs is developed on a modular fashion consisting of a core and optional modules. The exchange between indypacs and MATLAB takes place via a bidirectional interface (XML files), and the core consists of a dynamical database. Thus, add-on modules can be included in the design with no necessary change of the database structure, and a module template for the easy design of new interfaces by the user is under development.
indypacs analysis
Templates for module design
Modules contributed by users