Cooperate with colleagues. Working on the same data was never as easy.
indypacs is a compact interface between different algorithm modules (image analysis tools, statistical tools, etc), the DICOM-data and the user (health professionals). It facilitates the cooperation between medical experts and computer scientists for the efficient development of computerized image analysis studies in radiology. Furthermore it fosters studies that involve the cooperation of many medical experts by providing them with an easy way of exchanging information and integrating readings in a single database.
  1.   Easy user interface Eadiologists interact with indypacs, they have to cope only with a single interface
  2.   Integration of new algorithms Computer scientists can update and change algorithms for image analysis, or quantitative radiology, without the need for a graphical user interface
  3.   Rapid evaluation on large image sets Evaluation of algorithms on large sets of images is easy: the radiologist just chooses the images and the algorithm and hits ‚run‘
  4.   Interaction between radiologists Exchange study data, and share your scoring work on the images.
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