Q. Why did you develop something like indypacs?
Because we needed the functionality. indypacs orginates from a medical imaging project involving 3 universities. We had to come up with a solution that allows for simultaneous development of imaging algorithms by the computer vision people and evaluation be the clinical partners.
Q. When would I use indypacs?
When you want to rapidly evaluate the performance of your medical imaging algorithms on large numbers of dicom files. When you don‘t want to design your own user interface, but just gather evaluation results. When you cooperate with clinicians. When you cooperate with computer vision people ;).
Q. Is indypacs free?
Q. Who is behind indypacs?
We are all university based researchers working in fields from pattern recognition to diagnostic radiology. See whois
Q. Will indypacs be developed any further?
For sure.
Q. Where can I report bugs?
To us: bugs@indypacs.org