Who is behind indypacs?
indypacs emerged out of the AAMIR project, an Austrian Science Fund funded research project. We work on the automatic quantification of rheumatoid arthritis, and our research group consists of medical professionals, computer scientists and mathematicians. Our primary goal is to explore the capabilities of automatic image analysis and pattern recognition methods, and make use of them in medical image analysis.
For this we needed an easy to use interface between our medical experts and the computer vision algorithms. Medical experts shouldn‘t have to bother with command lines, and we didn‘t want to bother with graphical user interfaces all the time. This is when the idea of indypacs came up. Its concept is a modular interface, which allows for a quick evaluation of our algorithms on thousands of images, thus allowing for rapid studies concerning the status quo of the computers’ performance.
Since our project is spread over 3 universities, namely the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG) at Graz University of Technology, the Department of Radiology at Medical University Vienna, and the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Group at Vienna University of Technology, we needed a solution that allows for joined work, and handles the networking and synchronization of the databases and data sets efficiently.
Last but not least, the medical partners needed a tool to easily organize the huge amount of test data....
..... this is where indypacs comes from.
The people involved are: Patrik Grausberg, Gerlinde Wernegger, René Donner, Georg Langs, Philipp Peloschek, Alex Valentinitsch, Horst Bischof, Franz Kainberger